PDF Expert for Mac Review 2024: Is It the Best?

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Are you searching PDF expert for a Mac review?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out this post for a complete review of pdf expert for Mac and see whether it is the best PDF editor for Mac.

PDF Expert for Mac Review

PDF Expert for Mac Review
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PDF Expert for Mac Review

What is PDF Expert?

The PDF Expert software from Readdle is a fast and easy PDF editor. With this program, you can read PDF content, add your highlights, notes, and doodles, and edit text and images in PDFs.

With a focus on speed and convenience, PDF Expert allows you to annotate and edit PDF files with ease. Using the app, you can also fill out forms and sign electronically.

Best Features of PDF Expert

Let us see some of the best features of PDF Expert below:

Annotate PDF Documents

With PDF Expert, users can annotate documents. With the highlighter tool, you can select text and highlight it with your preferred color.

Using the pen, shapes, and note tools is convenient. They make PDF Expert a useful study tool.

Edit PDF Documents

PDF documents can be edited to give users more control over them. Upon clicking on the ‘Edit‘ button at the top of the screen, four options are displayed – Text, Image, Link, and Redact.

Users can edit the document’s text by clicking on Text. The user must select the text in the document and then edit it including font, color, style, size, and alignment. New text can be added that matches the existing font perfectly.

The Image tool identifies all images in a PDF document. Any image can be replaced, exported, cropped, and resized by clicking on it. Cut, copy, and paste are available on all images.

Links to sections inside the PDF and websites can be added with the Link tool. Add the internal link or URL of the website after selecting the text.

Fill in Forms and Sign Electronically

Forms can be filled out electronically and signed without having to print them out, which is very helpful if you have a lot of business forms to fill out. Using the checkboxes in the form, it is easy to fill out the form.

PDF Expert for Mac lets you add a signature by clicking ‘Annotate‘ and then choosing ‘My Signature‘. You can add a signature using the keyboard or you can use an image from your Mac.

Remove Sensitive Personal Information

With PDF Expert, you can redact personal information from PDFs you’ll share with others. This protects sensitive information. Just click ‘Edit‘ and then ‘Redact‘.

Redaction involves erasing or blacking out the text. Just choose the redaction to apply after choosing the erase or blackout option.

Reorder, Extract, Merge, and Delete Pages

Users can reorder pages, extract them, merge PDFs, and delete pages with PDF Expert. When compared to other PDF apps, it is far easier to rearrange and delete pages.

You can easily extract a few pages and send them out quickly. Additionally, PDF Expert allows you to combine and share documents with just a few clicks.

PDF Expert vs. Adobe Acrobat

Considering the number of features, it’s pretty evident that Adobe Acrobat is the most powerful PDF software. However, even with this superiority, PDF Expert still excels in certain instances, as outlined below:

  • The user interface of PDF Expert is more intuitive compared to Adobe Acrobat, which is more complex.
  • Editing with PDF Expert is more powerful than with Adobe Acrobat. Readdle, for instance, offers basic tools for annotating PDFs when complexity is not required.
  • PDF Expert opens documents much faster, while Adobe Acrobat consumes more resources (RAM) on your Apple device.
  • Acrobat is a bit pricey and requires a subscription model, whereas PDF Expert offers a one-time purchase.
  • PDF Expert has fewer features than Adobe Acrobat but outperforms it in terms of simplicity, intuitiveness, and just how fast the workflow becomes.
  • PDF Expert offers a better e-sign experience when it comes to signing PDFs. You can virtually sign PDFs using the trackpad.
  • PDF Expert offers a more comprehensive stamp menu, including custom stamps, in comparison to Adobe Acrobat.


There is a limited trial version of PDF Expert, which means you need to buy it to remove the restrictions.

There is a one-time price of $79.99 for one license that can be used on three Macs, with special offers for students and professors.

Pros and Cons of PDF Expert


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast to load documents
  • You can do everything with your PDF with multiple features
  • Cost-effective


  • Trackpad signature needs improvement

How much does PDF Expert for Mac cost?

It costs $79.99 for one license which can be used on 3 machines.

Is PDF Expert free?

PDF Expert offers a free version with limited features.

Does PDF Expert convert to Word?

PDF Expert supports conversion to and from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, TXT, and more.

Does PDF Expert have OCR?

Yes, PDF Expert offers an OCR capability that allows users to accurately recognize scanned text.

Final Words

That’s all about the PDF Expert Review.

Fast, robust, and beautiful, PDF Expert is excellent software. It has lots of useful features for PDF files. This program lets you edit, read, annotate, merge two PDFs, or fill out PDF forms.

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PDF Expert for Mac Review: Is It the Best?
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Fast, robust, and beautiful, PDF Expert is an excellent software. It has lots of useful features for PDF files. This program lets you edit, read, annotate, merge two PDFs, or fill out PDF forms.

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