How to Increase Torrent Speed Easily in 2022?

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Wondering how to increase the speed of your torrent?

Then you are in the right place. Check out this article and learn How to increase Torrent Speed easily.

Many people use torrents to download movies. But most of the time, the connection speed is very slow.

Even though the download speed depends on our Internet connection, it is possible to increase the speed of the Torrent.

Here, you can see how to increase the speed of your Torrent.

Tricks to Increase Torrent Speed Easily in 2022

Here are the steps you can follow to increase torrent speed easily and download movies or files quickly on your computer.

How to increase torrent speed
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How to increase torrent speed

Update P2P Sharing Client

Update uTorrent.exe whenever there is an update. Using older versions will surely slow down download speed. It is recommended to tick Automatic Update in uTorrent settings.

Download Torrents with high Seeds and Peers

Seeds are the places that save complete torrent files and serve them across the web. Leechers are people who don’t have that file and join the seeds server to download it.

The Leecher becomes a Seeder after downloading the entire torrent in a P2P client. A laptop or computer participating in a Download action is called a peer.

You should always choose torrents that have high seeds and fewer Leechers to increase torrent speed. Fewer computers are downloading that torrent than it is being served by more people.

Change uTorrent Settings

With default settings, P2P clients like uTorrent suffer from slow connection networks. Modifying them would increase torrent speed.

Here are a few modifications:

  • Open torrent and click on Options tab at the top and select Preferences.
  • Then select Connection on the left-hand side.
  • Under listening ports, update the random port numbers between 40000 to 60000.
  • Enable Add Windows Firewall exception.
  • Go to Bandwidth and under a number of connections, change the global maximum no of connections. By default, it will be 200. Change it to 64.
  • Change Maximum upload rate to 500.
  • Set the Max no of connected peers per torrent = 64 (it will be 50 by default).
  • Change the number of uploads slots per torrent set to = 1.
  • Go to Advanced option and Set the value of “net.max_halfopen” to 80.
  • Then select Queueing. Set the maximum no of active torrents = 8 or 4 and maximum number of active downloads = 1 or 3.

Optimal Settings

The free SG TCP Optimizer software is used to optimize your network’s settings. Use it to increase your torrent speed.

Check your Connection Speed

You can check your internet connection speed at then see if it is faster than the download speed of uTorrent. If it is it can apply these changes.

The download speed will be much slower if you download multiple torrents at once.

Change the Priority of the uTorrent

In Task Manager, right-click uTorrent (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and choose Details. Set the Priority to High.

Use Wired Internet Connection

Turn off Wi-Fi on your laptop or PC and connect directly to the modem via the LAN cable. Don’t use Wi-Fi, and turn off Wi-Fi on your computer also.

Bonus Tips (Very Simple to Implement)

  • Disable auto-updates in your PC settings.
  • Turn off Antivirus temporarily.
  • Choose a better ISP and upgrade your plan to a higher speed.

Final Words

That’s about the tricks to increase torrent speed. I have tried all these tips and it really helped to increase the speed of torrents on my PC. Let me know which one helped you to increase your torrent speed.

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