Wondershare DemoAir Review 2022: Best Online Screen Recorder

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Looking for Wondershare DemoAir Review?

Then you are in the right place. Check out this post about Wondershare DemoAir Review and learn why it is the best online screen recorder tool.

It’s no secret that video content plays a significant role in digital marketing, lead generation, and creating brand awareness. Videos will bring more traffic to your site, but it can be difficult to create marketing videos and demos that work.

You need not worry – in this post, you’ll learn how to create engaging videos using Wondershare DemoAir. Let’s get started!

Why Record your Webcam or Screen?

These days, many people record their meetings, display their products, or even show gaming tutorials to share with others. You could record your screen or webcam video for any number of reasons.

Recording a meeting: You can record an important meeting for taking notes or sharing it with others.

Video lectures: Want to grow your presence or share your knowledge as an educator? Video lectures are the best solution.

For marketing: Screen recorders are perfect for marketers to create all kinds of demos and sales materials.

Personal reasons: You could also record your screen and share it with your audience on social media for other reasons.

Wondershare DemoAir Review: A Free Online Screen Recorder

Wondershare DemoAir Review
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Wondershare DemoAir Review

There are many screen recording tools out there, but I recommend Wondershare DemoAir. There is no need to install anything on your computer as it is a free online solution. Simply add the DemoAir extension to Chrome and use it whenever you wish to record your screen or webcam.

Key Features of DemoAir

Following are some of the best features of DemoAir:

Multiple Recording Modes

There are three modes in DemoAir – Desktop, Browser Tab, and Webcam – allowing you to communicate effectively. You can use them to record activities on your browser, desktop, selected applications, or a webcam.

Webcam and Audio Integration

When you record a system’s screen (desktop or browser), you can select whether or not to include input from your webcam, microphone, or speaker.

Drawing Tool

Users can also enable the “Drawing Tool” feature, which will enable them to draw anything as they record their screens, highlight mouse clicks, and focus on any component on the screen.

Free and Online

DemoAir is a free screen recording tool available via a Google Chrome extension. There is also a free version of DemoAir available which can record up to five minutes of videos.

Integration with Other Platforms

Apart from recording videos, you can also directly share them on several platforms like YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Classroom. DemoAir can also generate shareable embedded codes and integrate with several other platforms, including Slack, Trello, Jira, GitHub, Asana, and more.

How to Record your Screen and Webcam with DemoAir?

You can start recording your videos with DemoAir by following these basic steps:

Add DemoAir to Chrome and Access it

You first need to add the DemoAir extension to your Chrome account. You can do that by visiting the DemoAir website and choosing to integrate it with Chrome.

DemoAir - Chrome Extensions Store
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You can also go straight to the Chrome Web Store, find DemoAir and install it.
Complete the DemoAir extension installation and restart Chrome to activate the extension.

The DemoAir icon now appears on the extension bar of Chrome (top-right corner).

Go to DemoAir and Select a Recording Mode

Excellent! Now you are ready to record your screen or webcam with DemoAir. You can record anything by launching Chrome and clicking on the DemoAir icon from the extension tab.

The first step is to select whether you want to record your browser activity, desktop activities, or webcam activities. In addition, you can choose to enable or disable inputs from your microphone, camera, or system sound.

A drawing toolbar is also available when recording your videos with DemoAir.

Start Recording your Screen with DemoAir

You can start recording from DemoAir by clicking on the “Start Recording” button after selecting a recording mode.

You must grant DemoAir all the necessary permissions to record the screen or access your system’s sound or camera before you can proceed.

Let’s say you selected DemoAir’s “Desktop” mode to record your system’s screen. Then you can choose whether to record the entire screen or just the part of the screen that is currently being displayed.

If you want to record a specific application, then you can go to the Window tab, and just select the running application.

DemoAir will now display a countdown to let you know that the video recording has been started.

Draw anything on your screen while recording

Screen Recording Tool
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While recording the screen, Wondershare DemoAir provides a drawing tool. You can find the drawing toolbar at the bottom of the panel if you have enabled the option.

You can draw anything on the screen or focus on any particular area. You can also highlight mouse clicks while recording an informative guide or how-to tutorial.

Stop or Pause the DemoAir Recording

If you follow this basic approach, you can record anything on your screen using DemoAir. DemoAir can always be paused or stopped by clicking on the DemoAir icon in Chrome.

Download or Share your Videos via DemoAir

That’s all! Once the recording has been stopped, you can access the recorded videos in your DemoAir dashboard through Chrome. Here, you can download your videos directly to your system or share them via links or embedded URLs.

Anyone can record their system’s screen or browser activities using DemoAir by following these simple steps.

Wondershare DemoAir Pricing Plan

The pricing plans of DemoAir are listed below

DemoAir Plan Details
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There are three plans namely free, Annual, and Monthly plans.

With the free plan, you can record only up to 5 minutes of video.


That’s all about Wondershare DemoAir Review.

A screen recording solution can be used for so many different purposes, from creating demo videos to creating informative content.

In terms of one of the best screen recording tools, Wondershare DemoAir is ideal. It’s a Chrome extension that lets you record videos in different modes and shares them on popular platforms – all in one place.

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Wondershare DemoAir Review 2022: Best Online Screen Recorder
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Wondershare DemoAir solves your problem of creating videos. Give it a try for free!

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