Krisp Review: Best App for Noise Cancellation in 2022

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Remote work processes are incomplete without remote meetings. All of these meetings should maintain a high level of professionalism. This comprehensive Krisp review will teach you how this noise-canceling app helps you stay professional.

Krisp Review: Best App for Noise Cancellation

In this detailed Krisp review, we will see what is Krisp, how to use it, its cost, and the features that make it the best app for noise cancellation.

What is Krisp and How Does it Work?

Krisp Review
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Krisp Review

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing more of our professional interactions to take place online. Online meetings, virtual interviews, and other electronic interactions are replacing face-to-face interactions.

You should organize your work so that you are able to handle these calls effectively.

Krisp plays an important role here.

Krisp is the first noise-canceling app to use artificial intelligence, designed to reduce background noise while you’re talking.

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When you are on a call with someone, you can filter out any background noise by clicking a button.

It’s like adding a layer between your physical mic and speaker and your conferencing app. Krisp is compatible with over 800 apps, so you should be able to use it with almost any app.

It will also work with a range of devices such as speakers, microphones, and headsets.

Using artificial intelligence, the app determines which sounds are human voices, and which are unwanted background noises.

The moment you activate the application, all unwanted sounds are blocked.

Voice recognition is excellent in the app and it will start recognizing your voice immediately. As you use it more, its AI will improve.

How to install Krisp?

Krisp provides desktop applications for Windows and Mac.

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Install Krisp

Krisp for Android is not yet available, but it is being developed. In addition, Krisp has a Google Chrome Extension, which I find to be the most convenient.

Click here to install in just a few seconds.

Is Krisp free?

Krisp’s free plan gives you 120 minutes of free time a week to filter other people’s noise from your microphone.

Krisp is also available on a monthly subscription basis for those who need more than 120 minutes per week.

How to Use Krisp?

  • With Krisp, you can simply “turn off” all background audio that comes from you to other participants in your call, as well as any outside noise that comes from others.
  • A Chrome extension works the same way, with a toggle for “Mute Noise” that applies to every Chrome tab using the microphone.
  • You’ll see a green ON icon near the extension icon in the extension menu if it’s working.

How much does Krisp cost?

Krisp Pro costs $3.33 per month if you are an annual subscriber; $5 per month if you are a monthly subscriber. Krisp Pro can be used on up to three devices.

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Krisp Pricing Plan

It’s a great time to test it out, participate in interview calls, and see how it helps you if you’re currently interviewing for remote jobs.

Using your unique URL, you can also share the app with your friends and get more minutes for free.

Krisp Review – Best Features of the App

Here are the top reasons why you should use Krisp.

Remove Any Background Noise

Krisp enables HD Voice quality while eliminating all unwanted background noise in real-time!

Neither will you sound distorted nor underwater.

Use With Any Conferencing App

Krisp has the advantage of being compatible with all conferencing apps.

Since I use Skype and Zoom at random times, switching between them will be effortless.

Pair With Any Headset, Microphone & Speaker

Krisp can be paired with any microphone, headset, or speaker.

Digital Nomads and frequent travelers may use one microphone or headset at home, but prefer to bring a smaller and more portable one on the road.

No Need to Worry About Privacy

As the AI noise reduction takes place on your own device, Krisp does not listen to your conversations.

Because of this, your audio is not recorded and cannot be sent to the cloud. To protect your privacy, this is very important.

Krisp Review – Pros & Cons

Pros of Krisp

  • With one button, it is easy to turn it on and off.
  • With the free plan, you get 120 minutes of free usage every week.
  • It can be installed on multiple operating systems, including  iOS, Mac, Chrome, and Windows.
  • Compatible with all video conferencing applications.

Cons of Krisp

  • If the filter is blocking out too much background noise at the same time, your voice can sound robotic.
  • The CPU power required for audio apps is high because audio processing is done on devices themselves using AI algorithms.

Final Words

Thank you for reading my article on Krisp review.

People who work remotely, and especially those who work from places where they don’t have full control, should have Krisp installed on their devices.

You can use this app to sound professional during meetings,  interviews, and phone calls.

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Krisp Review: Best App for Noise Cancellation
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Krisp is the first noise-cancelling app to use artificial intelligence, designed to reduce background noise while you’re talking.

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