How to Share Files without Uploading Easily in 2022

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Wondering how to share files without uploading?

Then you are in the right place.

Check out the post and learn a simple method about sharing your files easily without uploading them.

How to Share Files without Uploading šŸ”„

Sending a big file can be difficult when the email server or the online storage device has any limitations.

There are many methods available to share files without uploading. Here, I am going to share an easy and effective method that I use.

This method is one of the simple methods to share the files directly with your friends. Let’s see the method to share your files.

How to share files without uploading
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How to share your files without uploading

Sharing files without uploading

Before going to steps, let’s see the main features of this file-sharing method.

1. Since it is direct sharing, we can save our precious time.

2. Your computer acts as a mediator or server. The transmission speed depends on your internet speed.

3. This method has several options to share the files and you can share any type of file.

4. Similar to the copy-paste method.

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Steps to share files

Many of us might be heard about just beam it.

Yes, this is the site I am talking about.

Let’s see how to share files without uploading with the help of JustBeamit.

1. Visit Just beam it.

2. Select the file you want to share by clicking on the parachute-like symbol.

3. You will get the option to select the files. Select the files that you want to share. Then click on create a link.

4. Within a few minutes, a link will be created.

5. Once it is done, you need to share this link with your friend. using that link, they can download the file which you have shared with


1. The link can be used only once after which it will expire.

2. For the successful transfer of files, you need to keep the browser open. Otherwise, the person on the other side will not have the option to
download the file.


Hope you enjoyed this simple method to share your files without uploading them.

If you like it, please share it. If you know of any other simple working method, please let us know.

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