How To Check Computer Is Male Or Female Easily?

Do you know how to Check Computer Is Male Or Female

Nowadays, everyone owns a computer. Be it a desktop or laptop.

Ever wondered if your computer is male or female.

Yes, you can check your computer’s gender. It takes just a few minutes to check it. Here you can learn how to check your computer’s gender.

How To Check Computer Is Male Or Female? 🔥

Check Computer Is Male Or Female
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Check Computer Is Male Or Female

Steps To Check Whether Computer Is Male or Female

You can follow the steps given below to find it:

1. On your computer, open notepad.
2. On the notepad, paste the following command:

CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak”You are beautiful, I love you”

3. After pasting the command, please save the notepad as voice.vbs on your desktop screen.
4. Now, double-click the file and run it.
5. Your computer will speak and you can now identify whether it is male or female.

Why You hear a male voice in some PC and female voice from other PC?

This is because the Script is accessing the Ease of Access tools and Speech recognition. Whichever voice you have set as the default is the voice you’ll hear coming from your system.

The voice selection under Speech Properties is the one that determines the gender of your PC.

If your computer is using Microsoft Sam, then you will hear the male voice.

If your computer is using Microsoft Anna, then you will hear a female voice.

Mine is female. What about your computer?


In this post, you saw the steps to verify your computer’s gender.

Gender does not matter. Whether the computer has a male or a female voice, we all love our computer.

If you have enjoyed this trick, you can share this article with your friends and relatives. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment here.

How To Check Computer Is Male Or Female Easily?
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