FlexClip Review 2022: Is It The Best Free Video Editor?

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In the past, I considered video editing to be a challenging undertaking. However, after searching for videomaker reviews, I found FlexClip, a software that claims to make it much easier. Here’s the FlexClip review so you can see what it is all about.

FlexClip Review

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Currently, video content is the most popular, as most users look for videos before believing in anything. The internet is still a popular place to search for new brands and products, and videos are expected to accompany these products.

Leading entrepreneurs and top brands are leveraging video content for their brands. While it provides a significant boost, most markets do not create quality video content.

These problems can be solved using FlexClip. It is the true competitor in the online video creation world. In this article, you will discover some interesting facts about FlexClip, which will help you understand how it will do in 2022. Let’s get started.

What is FlexClip?

With FlexClip, you can easily edit video clips online with a variety of great editing options. It helps video creators meet their daily video marketing goals.

This software allows users to create storyboards, select thumbnails, export and import videos in different formats, and manage projects.

There are a lot of features available to business owners for presentations. Although you need a lot of video content, it allows you to cut large videos into small clips and export videos that meet social media standards.

For the prevention of copyright infringement, the video has a watermark.

Best Features of Flexclip

Here are the best features of Flexclip:

Screen and Voice Recorder

An ideal tool for showing instructional videos is this one. By capturing the screen activity, the videos and scrapes can be incorporated into the storyboard. Add voiceovers so you can act as a recorder and editor during filming.

Royalty-Free Library

Thousands of music, photos, and videos can be added to its storyboard for free. It can be used freely without worrying about copyright. Youtubers also seem to find its specific music catalog appealing for using as background music.

Video Editing tool

It contains numerous sections for editing video content. By dragging and dropping, a stunning video is created in a matter of seconds.

Motion Graphics

FlexClip has its own flavors for some special effects. It comes with video choreography, control and presets of motion effects, and transition effects for video presentations and slideshows.

FlexClip Templates

You can create video content within minutes by choosing from a library of pre-made video sequences. There are also categories for selecting effects, transitions, text compositions, photos, and videos.

Best Uses

You can use this tool to create videos for the following:

  • For Intro Videos for Youtube, Social media
  • For ‘How to’ tutorial videos
  • For Birthday videos
  • For Promo videos
  • For Pre-sales Videos
  • For Greeting Videos
  • For Slideshow
  • For Corporate Videos

FlexClip Free vs. Paid

It is worth looking at both the paid and free versions when reviewing FlexClip. The majority of the features can be accessed for free, but some advanced features require a subscription. Here are a few things that both of the plans have in common:

  • Editing in the cloud
  • The same range of templates
  • Tools to control special effects
  • Offline editing requires downloading a desktop application for Windows

Next, let’s see what limitations the free version has. The paid version compensates for the following features:

• Branding
• Video length
• Stock content availability
• Project count
• Quality of output video

Flexclip Pricing Plans

Apart from the free plan, there are three premium plans with Flexclip. Here are the details:

  • Free – Includes 480p SD downloads, 12 projects, one stock video, and a one-minute video length cap.
  • Basic – $9.99/month ($5.99/month for an annual subscription) – Includes higher resolution, 50 projects, one stock video, a 3 minute video length cap, custom watermark, and no FlexClip intro.
  • Plus – $19.99/month ($9.99/month) – Includes 1080p Full-HD downloads, 200 projects, five stock video, a 10 minute video length cap, custom watermark, and no FlexClip intro.
  • Business – $29.99/month ($19.99/month)- Includes everything in Plus, 1000 projects, unlimited stock videos, and a 30-minute video length cap.

How To Use FlexClip?

FlexClip is a video editing program that doesn’t require hours of instruction. You can easily control it even if you have never used other video editing software before. Let’s make it happen together.

Open the website

To use the tool, you must first open the website. Registration is optional. You will, however, be able to enjoy a variety of features once you are registered as an account holder.

You can register an account under the FlexClip account using your email address. You can also directly log in to FlexClip using your Google or  Facebook account.

Choose a Template

There are two paths for entering FlexClip after logging in and registering. In the upper left-hand corner, you can choose to create by templates or start from scratch. A template can be modified directly, while the latter is a complete video editing platform.

If you’re a beginner, start with “Create by Templates“. Otherwise, begin from scratch. To get started, I will choose a template.

Flexclip editor
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Flexclip editor

Within “Create By Templates,” you will find thousands of templates organized into categories such as business, promo & sales, slideshow, intro/outro, Coronavirus, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Make it your own by choosing one and customizing it.

Customize the layout

You only need to master a few key points when you enter the editing tool page:

Left part: Materials are classified according to their types. Template, Media, Text, Overlays, Elements, Background, Music, Watermark, and  More. Here, you can change anything you want.

You can write texts on your videos, whether they are static or animated. You can also add music to the site through the audio desk, or if you find the music on your computer, you can upload it.

You can also add your own logo or image to the video clip and control it during the presentation.

In addition to editing a video, you can also add some effects or transitions to improve the appearance of the video, such as changing the lighting, contrast, brightness, and shade.

Next to the left part: A library of material types will be available for you to choose from.

Main screen: The largest screen displays the current editing result.

Bottom: The storyboard of the video editor is at the bottom. It is similar to a PPT presentation.

The photo and text I want are from the material. Making a presentation is all it takes. To find more material, you can search the vast library of material.

Preview and Output

You can preview the custom layouts with text and pictures immediately after modifying them, and then output the resulting video after confirming.

If you want to output in 720p or higher, you will need to pay extra, as I mentioned above.

You can also export the video to a GIF file and customize the size and FPS of the output.

Pros and Cons of FlexClip


  • Very easy to use
  • Online Cloud-based, no need for any installation
  • Large stock media library
  • Numerous pre-made templates
  • High quality video export [1080p]


  • Just 1-minute video duration on Free plan
  • Maximum video duration is only 30 min
  • Limited graphics controls

Final words

That’s all about Flexclip Review.

FlexClip is an online video maker that can be used to make videos up to 30 minutes in length.

With its good video editing capabilities, it is good for creating intro videos, business videos, personal videos, promotional videos, social media videos, and Youtube videos.  You can test its free plan to see if it meets your requirements.

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FlexClip Review – Is It The Best Free Video Editor
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FlexClip is an online video maker that can be used to make videos up to 30 minutes in length. With its good video editing capabilities, it is good for creating intro videos, business videos, personal videos, promotional videos, social media videos, and Youtube videos.

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