eFax Review: Is it the Best Online Fax Service in 2022?

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There are many online fax services available online. In this post, you will see about the efax review and learn whether it is the best online fax service.

Benefits of eFax

With the online fax service, you can send and receive faxes online without any fax machine or phone wires.

You can send the faxes from your computer through a web portal or from any of your email clients.

You can use the mobile app to send faxes online.

Ability to use toll-free numbers and international numbers for your fax.

Let us see about the complete eFax® review explaining its benefits, advantages, features and see whether it is the best online fax service in Australia.

eFax Review: Is it the Best Online Fax Service 🔥

eFax® is one of the leading online fax service providers.

eFax® provides cost-effective faxing solutions to your fax needs. It provides different types of faxing options and mobile apps.

eFax Review - Best online Fax service
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eFax Review – Best online Fax service

eFax® has been in the market for more than 15 years and over 10 million customers have used their services for their faxing needs.

Over these years eFax® has evolved and it now offers the best features to help you manage your faxing needs.

eFax Review – Best Features

Let us see the best features of the eFax® online faxing service.

Electronic Signature

You can just sign and save your electronic signature. Whenever you need to send a fax, you can just drag the signature stamp on the document and send the fax easily.

Cloud Storage

With eFax® service, you can securely store and retrieve all your faxes in the cloud. You will not lose any important faxes anymore with this service.

eFax to PDF Converter

If you want to send or open in PDF, you can use this eFax® to PDF converter.

Large File Transfer

Not only texts, but you also can large videos, HD images, and PPT without any failure.

eFax Voicemail to Email

If you wish to get all your voicemail as email, you can use the voicemail to email service from eFax®. You do not have to listen to all your voicemails and get tired.

Organize Faxes

With the tag and search feature, you will be able to organize all your faxes and it will be easier to find them whenever needed.

iOS and Android App

With the latest eFax® Mobile App, you will be able to send, receive, sign and print faxes directly from your iOS and Android devices.

eFax Review – Advantages

The following are the advantages of using eFax® online fax service:

Secure Faxing

You do not need to worry about the security of your faxes. You will be able to send and receive them securely.

Fax Multiple Recipients

Do you want to send the faxes to multiple people?

Do not worry. With eFax® you can send faxes to multiple recipients with just a click.

Unique Fax number

With eFax®, you will get a real unique fax number whenever you sign up for the service.

The good news is that it is not tied to any location.

If you already have a fax number, you can even transfer it to eFax®.

Reduce faxing cost

You can eliminate the need for a fax line, it’s rental and space required for it. If you have a fax number, you can easily transfer it to eFax® and reduce your faxing costs.

Save money and Go Green

You can eliminate the need for papers and help protect your environment.

With eFax®, there is no need for maintenance or fax lines.

How eFax® Works?

If you know how to send emails, then it is easier to send and receive faxes with Try eFax®.

How to Send a Fax by Email?

Follow the steps below to send a fax by email:

  • On your email, click on new message.
  • On the “To” field, enter the fax number followed by @eFaxSend.com.
  • Click on attach and attach the document you wish to fax.
  • Type a message for it which will be converted to cover sheet.
  • Click Send.

That’s it. You have sent an eFax and the recipient will receive the document and cover letter as normal fax.

How to Receive a Fax by Email

The sender will send the fax to your fax number.

You will receive the fax in your email.

You can read, forward, or save the fax.

How to send fax through Mobile app?

You can send and receive faxes easily with the use of the eFax® Mobile App. There is no need to scan the documents on your mobile.

You can just take a photo of it and fax it using the mobile app.

You can follow the steps to send faxes through eFax® Mobile App

  • Install the eFax® Mobile App on your smartphone.
  • Login to your eFax® account.
  • To view the existing faxes, click on view fax. You will be able to open and review the fax on your mobile phone.
  • Tap on Sign Fax and add your Electronic Signature and save it.
  • Tap on send fax and choose your recipient.

They will receive the document as normal fax.

eFax Review – Pricing

eFax® offers 30 days free trial. Following are the features included:

  • You can send and receive 200 faxes for free
  • You will get access to all the features and mobile app
  • There is no hidden or setup fees
  • You will get access to the support team round the clock.
  • You can choose new fax number of transfer your existing fax number
efax Pricing
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eFax Review – Pros and Cons

Pros 👍

You can get international and toll-free fax numbers

Good Quality

Modern Mobile app

Cons 👎

Outdated Interface

Can I get a local or toll-free fax number?

Yes. You can get a local or toll-free fax number.

Can I port my existing fax number?

Yes. You can very well port your existing fax number.

Is there any app for eFax?

Yes. You can Fax from anywhere with its free, user-friendly apps for iOS and Android.

Can I sign the documents digitally?

Yes. You can sign documents electronically without printing.

Final Words

I hope this eFax Review helped you today.

eFax® offers a range of faxing solutions at affordable cost.

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eFax Review: Is it the Best Online Fax Service 🔥
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  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Pricing


eFax offers an affordable online fax service. You can send and receive faxes online without the fax machine and telephone lines.

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