Download Fantastical For PC: Windows 10, 8, 7

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Are you wondering how to get Fantastical for PC?

Then you are in the right place. Check out this post and learn how to download Fantastical for PC Windows easily.

What is Fantastical ?

Fantastical for PC
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Fantastical for PC

Fantastical is the award-winning calendar and task app with features such as natural language processing, beautiful calendar views, and more!

With Fantastical, you can create appointments and tasks with natural language, see calendar views, and view your calendar events like an event bulletin board. 

You can type in that you will have lunch with John at 1 pm on Friday, and Fantastical will schedule it! If you type in “remind me to buy milk on Tuesday,” Fantastical will create a task that has a due date! 

Best Features of Fantastical

Following are some of the best features of Fantastical App:

  • Fantastical is a calendar app that provides users with a one-app-all solution. Fantastical collects data from all synced calendars and connects across several devices and cloud storage. The compiled use best calendar app with its events it displayed to the user.
  • The Fantastical app is a artificially intelligent and connects with your smartwatch as well (preferably Apple Watch).
  • With the help of Fantastical, you can also keep track of all custom calendar sets, temperate, and weather updates every day and also message notifications on all your synced devices among others.
  • The User Interface of Fantastical is aesthetic as well as informative at the same time. The display of Fantastical can be customized according to user preferences. The Calendar View also changes from device to device to give users the best experience that is most effective with their display settings and size.
  • You can view each day week month in full-screen mode if there are significant details on the calendar that day. You can, similarly, view weeks, months, or even a year on full-screen mode at a time.
  • You can directly download and keep attachments stored on Fantastical. Thereafter, you can upload them on your cloud storage or transfer to connected devices with a few clicks.
  • The Fantastical app gives you a themed appearance of a Dark and Light background. Customized themes can also be opted for. The app changes themes on its own according to your device’s settings.
  • Working in teams has never been easier with Fantastical. You can make a group calendar and authorize people of your group to access it. You can also share your calendar with the group. The group can also make amends and add events to the calendar sets.
  • Fantastical adds all of your most frequent activities and/or events automatically and saves it as templates. This saves a lot of time zone support when you need to mark an event on the calendar in a hurry. This process can also be made repetitive and Fantastical will go on manage basic events automatically if you have a similar schedule for a significant number of days.

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How to download Fantastical for PC?

Here are the steps to download Fantastical App for PC:

  • In order to download Fantastical for Windows, you will need to download  an iOS emulator. Emulators replicate the processes of one system onto another. In this case as well, the emulator will create an apple environment on your PC so you can download the app.
  • There are a number of iOS emulators available online. Select the one that works best for you. Two emulators you can download are MobileOne Studio and iPadian. Both of these emulators are reliable and widely used.
  • Install and set up the emulator on your PC after downloading it. On the home page, you will see the Apple Store icon. Visit the App Store.
  • At this point, you will be asked to sign in to the Apple Store before you can download any apps. The Apple Store will automatically link your Apple ID to your account if you have one. Otherwise, you will need to create a new account and register for the store.
  • Use the search bar to find the Fantastical app and install it.

Final Words

That’s all about how to download Fantastical for PC. Feel free to leave a comment if you run into any problem downloading the app.

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